Gratitude: The Miracle Magnet

What is gratitude and is it easy to cultivate?

To have gratitude means to be thankful for what is in your life right now. It’s a process of noticing the simple things in life, such as the warmth of the sun on your skin, the gentle play of a breeze through your hair, each breath that you take, or the sound of birdsong and the splash of rain drops on the window or pavement. It’s a process of counting your blessings, big and small. When you can do this on a regular basis, your life transforms, and you magnetise more of the same.

Deepening the practice

When we consider the problems that we encounter in our lives and the many obstacles that block our path, instead of letting ourselves become disheartened, sad, or frustrated, we can use them as fuel for our practice. We can change our perception. Whatever experience we have had or whatever we are doing in the moment, we can ask ourselves, “What positive thing can I learn from this? What can be good about this?”

Getting into the flow of the universe

Developing the habit of feeling grateful for everything in your life will create a shift in your perception, impacting your career, relationships, health, social life, and personality. As you notice and appreciate all the good that already exists everywhere, you will come to expect more of the same to manifest. Your blessings become bigger than your problems. Stress, anxiety, and fear lessen and disappear. When this happens, you will tend to naturally flow with life’s circumstances. Everything becomes possible.

Building a gratitude habit

Making the effort to build a daily gratitude habit is something we should all do. It’s one of the most important habits of highly successful people: empowering every gut feeling, every decision and every action. A successful life is built on a foundation of gratitude.

Write down everything you are grateful for

Search the internet or check out Amazon and you will find dozens of ‘Gratitude Journals’ for sale. Keeping a Gratitude Journal is a popular practice. You can fill it in first thing in the morning as a way of acknowledging all the things that you appreciate in your life, such as your health, your family or friends or any successes you may have had. As you continue with the practice of writing entries in your Journal you will be motivated to add more things to be grateful for. You will become naturally more positive, raising your vibration, and pulling higher vibration people into your life.

Get into the FEELING of gratitude

Feeling gratitude for something is the most powerful force in the universe. If we can be grateful for something before it even manifests in our lives, we are already vibrating at a high frequency. Like attracts like. The universe is motivated by feelings and emotions, not thoughts. Thoughts must give way to emotional states. Once you think of something to be grateful for, let it sink in and feel it resonate inside you. Gratitude is something you should feel in your heart.

Print gratitude on the ground with every step

When you wake each morning, you could take a moment to consider the many things in your life that you are grateful for. As you get out of bed let gratitude arise with every step you make. There are miracles everywhere. Did you ever sit and watch a leaf gently blowing in the breeze? Did you notice the beauty of the whole of creation in that one leaf, its origin story resonating in the flow of the universe?



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Steve Gooch

Steve Gooch


Author of Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Way of Compassion & Wisdom and Mindfulness Meditation and the Art of Reiki. Creativity and Mindset Coach. Artist.